3 Ways to Type faster on TV/Firestick/AndroidBox

Are you sick of typing on with the stock remote which takes you minutes to type a movie name?

Here are the 3 ways to type faster

Using the FireTV Android App (For Firestick Users):

  • Install FireTV app from your AppStore/Playstore.
  • Sign in to your Firestick. Make sure you are connected to the same wifi as your firestick is
  • After signing in just tap on the keyobard button in the upper right corner

Using a Bluetooth Keyboard:

  • So, firstly turn on the bluetooth on your bluetooth keyboard.
  • Then go to bluetooth settings on your TV/Firestick.
  • Enter the code displayed on your keyboard

[Bonus Point] Using a remote with in-built Keypad:

This is the most effective and productive way. There are number of remotes out there with excellent keyboards built on them and using them is pretty easy.

They come with a dongle that you need to plug into your TV or Firestick.

For Firestick Users:

  • You need to use a USB adapter cable if you don’t have a USB port.

USB Adapter + Power Cable

Get an Air Mouse(Remote+Keyboard) – Our 2 Recommendations

Wechip AirMouse

Remote With Touchpad

How to Setup an Air Mouse

Refer to the diagram given below to

Or You can watch this video for all the steps mentioned before